Looking younger

What are the keys to looking younger?

Happiness:  overall happiness in your life will make you look and feel younger.  This is a decision we make.  Yes life is stressfull, difficult and overwhelming but there is always something to be happy about.  Let the little things that make you happy become important.

Rest:  I don’t mean just sleep, I mean rest, time for yourself to rest your mind and soul.  Take 5 minutes and watch a sunset, go for a run in the rain, savor a few moments of peace in the midst of a busy day.  Sleep of course is very restorative, but sometimes we don’t always get what we need.

Moisturize:  A good moisturizer goes a long way in making skin dewy and hydrated.  Use one every day, spritz with spring water if you can.

Anti aging creams: These are important to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, to rejuvenate and lift skin.  Try bella rosa skin care by Rachel Sullivan MD


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Bella Rosa skin care

LUC skin care has now merged and formed a new company, Bella Rosa skin care, dedicated to superior anti aging skin care.  Rachel Sullivan MD remains president of the company. http://www.bellarosaskincare.com

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To Botox or not?

Botox is indicated for those deeper lines, forehead ones that don’t respond to topical skin creams.  So what are the drawbacks.  Too much botox and you will look a bit lifeless, somewhat of a “masklike” face.  You will need to be re-injected every 3 months, since it wears off.  Maybe one of these days they will come up with a more permanent injection and muscle paralyzer, but that is a few years away. 

My personal opinion is that the deeper lines can add character, that by all means attack the fine lines, age spots and lack of luminosity with a  good skin cream, but I think that Botox is a bit invasive. 

Rachel Sullivan MD


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LUC skin cream indexed in Blog Catalog

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New name for skin care website « Candesca Skin Care

New name for skin care website « Candesca Skin Care

LUC skin care is the new anti aging skin cream and website


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New name for skin care website


Candesca has now officially changed to LUC skin care. 

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Winter Skin Care

Winter is here!  What does that mean for our skin?

Skin easily becomes dehydrated with the dry heat and cold exposure.  A good moisturizer is essential, and one containing dimethicone, a barrier agent is helpfull as well.  Candesca anti wrinkle skin illuminating cream is great for this purpose.  Other things to consider are using a humidifier at home and at night to keep skin moist.  If you are hitting those slopes don’t forget the sunscreen!

Rachel Sullivan MD


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